Form Fitness Sport-specific Workout: Golf

Welcome to the first installment in a series of workouts geared specifically  towards sports. This workout is for those of you who are serious about golf. To be able strike the ball the way the pro’s do, you need strong and dynamic core muscles, as well as strong legs, quadriceps in particular. This workout will be focusing primarily on those areas. Let’s get started.

I always like to start any workout with a total body warm up. Use light weights.

  • 2 sets of Step Up to balance (with dumbbells) bicep curl to shoulder press, 10 reps per leg

Form Fitness Golf WorkoutNow let’s get into the meat of the workout. For the rest of the time, I want to combine two exercises (compound sets). That is, I want you to complete one set of the required exercise, then immediately perform the next exercise. Rest no more than 30 sec after you have completed a cycle of two exercises. Do this until all three sets are completed. Then, you can move on to the next two exercises.

  • 3 sets of walking lunges with rotation. Use an 8-12 pound medicine ball. 20 steps each set
    Paired with- 3 sets of stability ball push ups, 15 reps each set
  • 3 sets of single leg squats, 10 per leg each set
    Paired with- 3 sets of golf swings, standing on a BOSU ball. Use a small 6 lb. medicine ball, 10 swings right-handed and 10 swings left-handed. Keep your feet level and get into the position in which you would address the ball.
  • 3 sets of knee extensions (Quad Machine), 12 reps 65% of your one rep max. Paired with- 3 sets prone iso-ab (front planks), 1 minute hold, 1 rep
  • 3 sets of rotational medicine ball throws. You need a partner to catch, or a wall. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, throw a medicine rotationally. 10 reps right side, 10 reps left side.
    Paired with- 3 sets of lateral lunges (side lunges), 10 per side each set

This workout should take you about 40 minutes. I have had a number of clients add 20-50 yds. onto their tee shots with this type of workout. For your convenience, please print the workout template (PDF) I have attached. You may also download and print the full description of this workout (PDF).

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